• Why is Stainless Steel Audi R8 Exhaust System Best?

    An exhaust system is designed to reduce, if not get rid of, by-product gas emissions from internal combustion engines such as those used in automotive vehicles. Combustion engines that are efficient and functioning properly, emit gases containing water and carbon dioxide – gases that may not only harmful, but may hinder the engine from burning fuel completely. This results to a disruption in the delicate balance of oxygen and fuel that drives the pistons in the engine. When this happens, the deadly carbon monoxide is produced rather than the carbon dioxide. This is fatal both for humans in large quantities and to engines, carbon monoxide causes stalling and may melt down cylinder heads and gaskets. This is the reason Audi R8 exhaust systems were designed and used.


    Stainless steel Audi R8 exhaust tubing expands more than many other metals whenever superheated. Many people use light steel exhaust flanges together with stainless steel exhaust tubing and report how the weld joints crack. Stainless steel exhaust tubing is kind of like duct tape in that has had many different uses. It can be used by mechanics as car parts, and can even be used by plumbers.


    Here is what one mechanic says about using exhaust tubing: In oval wear out tubing type tire out systems, you may find several uses for this product, for instance loss of back force and excess gas build-up and seepage. I get my deplete tubing from a place that does plenty of high-end cars restoration. I then took stainless steel exhaust tubing, cut it to fit coming from where the muffler connected, welded the particular curved pipe, and that is it. They even buy the odd bits I want that they never stock for their personal use. Just look around a hardware store, you’ll find the actual stuff you need.


    In a nutshell, an Audi R8 exhaust system serves several purposes:


    1. Eliminate the by-products of combustion from the engine and sent them away from the occupants of the car and into the atmosphere.

    2. Silence the engine’s noise.

    3. Clean up the gas emissions from the engine before expelling them into the atmosphere.


    If these are the basic purposes of an exhaust system, why is stainless steel exhaust superior over plain-carbon steel exhausts?


    With conventional exhaust systems, these engines will only corrode and rust up over a period of time, resulting in other potentially damaging mechanical woes, which could include exhaust system occlusion and rust build up in the engine chamber.


    Stainless steel Audi R8 exhaust systems, however, are resistant to corrosion due to the layer of chromium oxide. In addition, the benefits of a stainless steel exhaust can give automotive vehicles the advantage including the elimination of engine backfiring as well as extreme heat buildup. Machines that use stainless steel exhaust also have increased high revolution torque.


    While most automotive exhaust systems are made from ordinary-carbon steel, some are made from aluminized steel. Some car manufacturers use stainless steel for their entire exhaust system from pipes to mufflers and resonators since the 1990’s. An exhaust system such as this can last throughout an automobile’s entire lifespan while ordinary steel Audi R8 exhaust parts begin to fail after 3 years of use.